don't just take a tour, romp with a raconteur

bar romp with a popup party tribe

party like/with parisians


These are the bars we go to with our friends

Join our posse

Let's romp to some unique bars in Paris w/ our ready-made party tribe!

We take visiting friends to these bars, we go marauding through the un-touristy parts of town and see how Paris goes out.

By no means is this a posh, silky-smooth experience of fancy spots but instead a romp through the bars of real Paris-- replete with loud music + surly bartenders. But you're rolling with a posse.

Think offbeat bars, unassuming on the outside, but throbbing w/ anxious actresses...lecherous Laurent's... poets sweating their regrets over a bière picon. The playlist goes from Wu-Tang Clan to Die Antwoord to Celine Dion (oh, French people!) to yodeling.

From grandpa dives invaded by asymmetric haircuts, to weird/cool spots we know to be lively hangouts—barely noticeable (or outright hidden) from the street, you would have probably kept walking—our popup party follows the vibe through alleyways as it goes from tame to um, not.

Introverts/solo/’I’m too old’ travelers welcome

Someone might break out a trumpet. You might convince a bored French girl to sponsor your visa. We might kiss the bust of Molière. We'll sample classic French things you won't find at home.

We might make French friends. Might.

3-4 hours / 39 EUR / most nights except monday, you lush