don't just take a tour, romp with a raconteur

VALKYRIE ROSECRANZ, host of paris is burning, is kind of like a slightly depraved rick steves


"We must risk delight" --Jack Gilbert



Imagine if you had a slightly deviant, yet bizarrely well-informed, cousin take you around Paris.

One who happens to be launching a show called PARIS IS BURNING...

A little oddball who spends her time scouting the best, weirdest, coolest things to do + eat in Paris and then has the nerve to write about it...a general nuisance, an unabashed French history- and architecture- and culture- and food-Dork. (Capital D not a typo.)

That's me. And my posse.

The Dare to PARIS crew.

Let's do this.

We make it fun, but let's be honest, Paris is sofa-king cool and beautiful and weird and delicious that it's only a matter of curating the coolest, the best, the unexpected. I don't know why (my shrink has theories) but I love doing that for people.

That’s why I rounded up the best-rated English-language tourguides and launched Paris Raconteurs.

So why be dragged through town in a giant, honking, McTour led by college sophomores on summer break, who were taught five things about Napoleon and are making minimum wage shuffling hordes of exhausted tourists up the Eiffel Tower and past all the gold stuff?

Instead, why not let us, the local isle of misfit toys, 'les Paris Raconteurs’ drag you through town instead, in a small and convivial tribe of curious jet-setters in search of the best bites, the must-see sights, the hidden corners, the hangouts of actual Parisians...Let's see the Eiffel Tower, yes of course!-- we aren't lunatics, my god, but let's also have a laugh while doing it. Then let's eat those cakes ladies be instagramming. And visit some dive bars in the 11éme arrondissement. 

We book our romps through Airbnb.com becuase we meet the best people there and it’s a community of curious and adventurous souls so click thorough and check our calendar or shoot us a line at inquiries@parisraconteurs.com…

Are you ready?


ATTENTION-SEEKING BEHAVIOR: we post little bites of weird/funny/huh? found-on-the-street-in-Paris stuff on instagram : @im_burning_paris in a bid for attention and approval


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